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what is aDARable? Have you ever wondered about the clothes we wear? Each stitch and seam put together by hands we've never seen. Maybe those hands have a story that could be told. But the only note we have is 'machine wash cold'. Imagine clothes designed by passionate women at O’More College of Design, and stitched with care by hands of women in extreme need in Ti Bouk, Haiti. This is aDARable. Clothing that tells a new story.

We're on a mission to empower women in countries in extreme need by creating job opportunities for women. Many women in the world are suffering. They endure abuse, chronic disease, illiteracy, depression, and the list goes on.

This only drives us to create a solution to the problem. Research shows that the empowerment of women in extreme need enhances the wealth and wellbeing of nations.

This is all amazing, right? But, it gets better! Empowering women in countries in extreme need has a strong ripple effect, impacting communities and, well, the world. When you contribute, not only do you get tons of love from us, you take a small step to catalyze change, and that my friends, is MASSIVE.

The O’More design students. The students at O'More College of Design have researched the children's market, identified the trends, and using their skills and talents, translated them into stylish, fun, and functional clothing in top of the line fabrics. Clothing that mothers and grandmothers want for their aDARable little girls.



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